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The Intimate Adventures Of A London Call Girl

The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl - Belle de Jour After watching the television series, I was really looking forward to this book. Although I knew that it was quite different than the show, I was extremely disappointed. Especially, because there was a lot of praise around for the book.
But it is a conglomerate of scattered bits and pieces of what could be called a lifestyle.
Like a diary, you have an entry for each day. But the content that day can be literally anything. From what happened with a client (not necessarily that day), over what Belle had done when she was 16, to how nice a holiday beach can be.
You get to know about Belle's life, and her boy troubles, but it is hard to follow, because interesting story arcs get lost in the time-changing, focus-changing diary entries.
Overall, I didn't get sucked into Belle's life. I didn't feel for her or anything that happened. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything mesmerizing or too shocking, and on the middle and long run was rather bored.
Probably, I just read it a couple years too late. When it came out the first time, it might have been quite avantgarde.