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Stephen King: Three Complete Novels: Carrie; Salems Lot; The Shining

Carrie / 'Salem's Lot / The Shining - Stephen King This voluminous hardcover includes Stephen King’s first three novels:
-Carrie (1974)
-’Salem’s Lot (1975)
-The Shining (1977)
Each one just really a masterpiece and treat to read for itself!

In Carrie you are thrown into the world of a teenage girl that has, on top of having a very powerful ability to learn to handle, a more than a bit crazy mother and really tough days in school. What happens when shit hit the fans is simple chaos and destruction. An intense and mind-boggling journey the reader is accompanying Carrie throughout the pages.
Stephen King’s first novel (apart from his two-part self-published “The Star Invaders” ten years before Carrie) is surprisingly written from a young troubled girl’s point of view, yet perfectly believable and realistic – despite the supernatural element to it. As in his later works as well, King is portraying the life in a small town area and the dynamics within nicely – along with the on-goings of the local high school. All together I find it to be a very honest and direct book and in its core and story-telling wonderfully chilling and interesting.

With ’Salem’s Lot Stephen King surprised me with a vampire story. Haven’t read too much about it before starting reading, I wasn’t expecting the “vampires” to be actual “vampires”, but rather something other, slightly different, supernatural. Positively surprised, I may add. Vampires like they should be: classic style, menacing and yet oh so sophisticated!
The character development of the main characters is not only interesting but very convincing, no action seems out of nowhere and really understandable and comprehensible. From the writer, the magnificent boy, the priest, the teacher and the woman who wants to become a famous artist (and falls in love with the writer, by the way) up to the evil enemies the reader knows where they are coming from and why they are going where they are going. Though, as it should be, you’re honestly surprised and shocked about certain turns of events. Of course most importantly: the entire book is absolutely catching!

The Shining is my favorite of the three novels. Written in the seventies it is set around the same time. No cell phones on every person yet, no internet and up in the mountains there is an awful lot of snow in the winter. Enough snow, if the mountain is up high enough, to get snowed in and completely cut off from the rest of civilization – for months. That’s what happens to the Torrance family when father Jack Torrance takes on the job as winter caretaker in the Overlook hotel. From the start Wendy, the wife, and their 5-year old son Danny find something fishy about it. Especially Danny, who has “the shine” starts soon to get all kinds of weird signs about and from the hotel. Are they gonna survive the winter up there?
The story is thrilling and just exciting to follow. The characters are perfectly written and you are compelled by each chapter and eager to find out what happens next, hoping all the best for Danny and his family. It does give you the creeps frequently, which I enjoyed a lot while reading. Sometimes headlines of chapters alone (e.g. “Inside 217”, which is a very significant room right from the start) give you the creeps and a bad gut feeling. Brilliant book!