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From Shakespeare with Love: The Best of the Sonnets

From Shakespeare with Love: The Best of the Sonnets - Alex Jennings, Anton Lesser, Juliet Stevenson, Stella Gonet, Jonathan Keeble, Roy McMillan, David Timson, Trevor White, David  Tennant, Benjamin Soames, Hugh Ross, Maxine Peake, Bertie Carvel, Tom Mison, Anne-Marie Piazza, Gunnar Cauthery, William Shakespeare I had my William Shakespeare's Collected Works (the one from the Royal Shakespeare Company) ready to read along. It was really helping to look at the footnote of each sonnet, because several word meanings would have been completely lost to me otherwise. It was very educating and helped tremendously with understanding the sonnet(s).

Hearing the sonnets read out loud made them much more accessible than only reading them silently for yourself. I can really advise anybody who is interested in Shakespeare, and especially his sonnets, to listen to this selection! The disc contains 75 of Shakespeare’s sonnets, with a duration of about 75 minutes, read by British males and females. The bard and the great sonnet readers get 4 of 5 stars!