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Carrie - Stephen King In Carrie you are thrown into the world of a teenage girl that has, on top of having a very powerful ability to learn to handle, a more than a bit crazy mother and really tough days in school. What happens when shit hit the fans is simple chaos and destruction. An intense and mind-boggling journey the reader is accompanying Carrie throughout the pages.
Stephen King’s first novel (apart from his two-part self-published “The Star Invaders” ten years before Carrie) is surprisingly written from a young troubled girl’s point of view, yet perfectly believable and realistic – despite the supernatural element to it. As in his later works as well, King is portraying the life in a small town area and the dynamics within nicely – along with the on-goings of the local high school. All together I find it to be a very honest and direct book and in its core and story-telling wonderfully chilling and interesting.