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Doctor Who: I am a Dalek

Doctor Who: I Am A Dalek - Gareth Roberts Gareth Jones (who had previously written great bits for Doctor Who merchandise and other BBC television programs) has captured the 10th Doctor and Rose, as well as the relationship between them and the Dalek race (and of course the human race) perfectly!

The story starts off as it often does, by the TARDIS „mislanding“ someplace. Instead of the surface of the moon Rose and the Doctor find themselves on an English Island. As these things go, Rose is struggling to help a „almost-run-over-by-a-car“ girl while the Doctor digs his nose into the newest find of an archaeological excavation: a Roman Dalek…kind of…

Once again, the Doctor and Rose, with help of extraordinary human beings, have to find a way to save Earth, the universe, from the threat of Daleks! A praise for spirit, human-kind and (of course) the Doctor!

Therefore it gets 5 out of 5 sonic screwdrivers!