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Johnny saves...more than mankind, this time!

Johnny and the Dead  - Terry Pratchett

Again, a very well written children's/youth novel by Terry Pratchett. It's thoughtful, yet amusing. The story is quite creative and I liked the solution at the end. Johnny Maxwell is saving someone again, this time it's the local cemetery. The cemetery is supposed to be sold to a company which is going to build office buildings on top. Johnny and his friends speak up at a public meeting, reminding the adults that the past is important for the people living in the present, and that the cemetery is more than just dead people, but a place to remember, and even a place for recreation and nature.
Besides, Johnny has been asked for help, by the tenants of the cemetery themselves: The dead can be seen by Johnny, and thanks to him, they get in touch with current events and real life again...life (and death) can be very eventful in Blackbury.